The "Zero-Carbon" Luxury Beach Resort


The Observer is reporting that the world's first 'zero-carbon' five-star resort is being developed by architects in London. The developers of the resort, due to open next year, claim it will have no negative environmental impact and each of its 35 villas will be totally self-sufficient, using only energy from the sun and wind and producing little waste or carbon emissions. The only drawback, environmentally speaking, is its location - thousands of fuel-guzzling miles away in Nungwi, Zanzibar. 'We have to accept people will fly there, but we will offset their flights, and our guests will be choosing an eco-friendly resort when they get there,' says Richard Hywel Evans, the British architect behind the resort. 'Carbon neutral is very difficult to achieve. What goes into the hotel must be available locally and plentifully, and what comes out the end must not damage the environment.'

The resort's design incorporates many ingenious, energy-saving tricks. The infinity pool in front of each villa will use water that has been naturally filtered by reeds in an adjoining pool. To create natural air-conditioning, the villa walls will be shaped to draw the sea breeze into the bedroom, after being cooled by passing over the pool. Cold water pipes will run through the inside of the bed to cool it, and each villa's water supply - from rainwater and desalinated seawater - will be stored in its own tank. Hot water comes from pipes which run beneath the solar panels on the roof, and so are naturally warmed. Waste water will be reed filtered and recycled. The resort will be built from local earth, renewable timber and reclaimed stone; the 100 staff will be given bicycles, and electric cars will transport guests to and from the airport.

:: The Observer

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