The World Legacy Awards


Conservation International (CI) believe that "with an estimated US$ 3 trillion in annual revenues, tourism has emerged as one of the world's largest industries" adding significantly to local economies where CI works. But they also note that "tourism in key biodiversity areas can be both an opportunity for conservation and a threat to biodiversity. Ecotourism can provide income to local people and, by its reliance on healthy ecosystems, offer a powerful incentive to conserve and protect biodiversity." So to further these views they teamed up with National Geographic to launch the World Legacy Awards, recognizing environmentally and socially responsible tourism practices that are helping to protect our planet's natural and cultural heritage. The 2004 winners are from Dubia, Australia, Indonesia and Barbados. Visit here for a quick peek at how these entreprises have succeeded in "generation of local economic benefit; tourist benefit in terms of both satisfaction and knowledge gained, and promotion of sustainable-tourism principles through education and awareness-building." ::World Legacy Awards [by WM]