The Ethical Travel Guide

Warning: reading this travel guide will induce reactions such as cringeing, shame and embarrassment. Side effects include making many readers look back in horror at the destinations of some of their holidays and activities once there. But it will also shed a whole new light on travelling and give potential travellers many new and wonderful ideas for alternative vacations. Written in association with Tourism Concern, an organisation whose goal is to "fight exploitation in tourism", it is a guide to ethical travel in an increasingly global market. It lists over 300 places to visit in 60 countries. For each country it gives a brief explanation of the terrain, big cities, and major activities. The guide lists places to stay, ethical tour companies and organisations to contact to arrange the visit. Even if you aren't planning a trip soon, it is inspirational to read about what people across the world are doing to make travel meaningful. Also included is a well-researched analysis of the impact of tourism. Issues such as displacement of local people (to make way for new hotels), water rations (to feed those green lawns at the hotel) and cultural loss (impact of tourism on tribal people) are examined. :: The Ethical Travel Guide