The Boulders Resort To Go Organic


The pics we can peruse of The Boulders Resort would suggest at least some environmental sensitivity, given that it blends in rather well with the surrounding Sonoran Desert of Arizona. It looks as if they want to do more than that though. Becoming "100 percent organic" no less. The new general manager, Michael Hoffmann, suggests that already, "The fish are line-caught, the veal is corn- or grass-fed, the vegetables are organically or naturally grown, with no chemicals used in production." (Well, in one of the restaurants anyhow). Plus they carry a goodly supply of organic wine. But now, as well getting food from local organic farmers, the resort is setting up its own garden and anticipates harvesting fruit, vegetables and herbs come autumn 2006. Organic soap, candles and even linens are also on the plan, right down to the mini-bar goodies and the choccies on the pillow. Wonder if we can convince them to apply the same principles to their golf course — after all, the Kabi Organic Golf Course did! ::The Boulders Resort, via The East Valley Tribune.