The Best Ecolodges on the Planet According to National Geographic Adventure

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Photo credit: Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa

The Global Travel Editor at National Geographic Adventure has put together a handy list and a nice graphic of the 50 Best Ecolodges in the world, color-coded according to ecosystem. The hotels were chosen because they support local communities, offer authentic cultural experiences, maintain strong conservation initiatives, and increasingly emphasize adventure at the center of the experience.

If you fancy jungles, you can pour over spectacular options in India, Ecuador, Bolivia and Laos, to name a few locales. We were particularly intrigued by the Banjaar Tola lodge in India dedicated to tiger conservation, overlooking the tall sal-and-bamboo forests of Kanha National Park.
The other ecosystem categories include islands, savanna, desert and mountains. To satisfy our African adventure urges, we might pick Wolwedans, a desert outpost in Namibia, or Kasbah du Toubkal, a backpacking mountain retreat in Morocco. Via : National Geographic Adventure
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