TerraPass members have reduced CO2 emissions by 2,684,000 lbs (1.2M kg). How did they do it? In a similar manner to Greenfleet, Future Forest and Trees for Travel, who we’ve mentioned before. But in this case, forests are not created, rather the funds you pay to offset road travel are pooled. These $$$ are then invested in energy reduction programs within industry and by assisting in the establishment of renewable energy plants, like windpower. If you drive a hybrid, like a Prius, your CO2 emissions are factored at 6,000lb per annum and a Terrapass worth $30 will offset your polluting. On the other hand, a ...... ‘Utility’ vehicle is said to create about 20,000lb, so has an appropriately rated Terrapass at $80. ‘Efficient’ and ‘Standard’ cars fall between these two. Air travel and household offsets are on the way too. So if your government (like mine) is too ostrich-like with its head-in-the-sand, and refuses to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol, you at least can. Well, in your own personal way, anyhow. Via The Green Life. ::Terrapass[by WM]

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