Swiss Ski Season Start Stalled, As Alps Suffer From Driest Autumn on Record

Some weather weirding has hit the Alps, delaying the start of the ski season in Switzerland, BBC News reports.

Switzerland has experienced its driest autumn on record, which as it gives way to the start of winter means that little to no snow has fallen yet. Though some bigger resorts have been able to open some terrain, with the help of snowmaking, many have not.

All of this is framed in the context of the impact on hotels, resorts, and business, the connection to changing climate is absent.

Which is a bit strange considering a report from the European Environment Agency showing that temperatures in the Alps are increasing a twice rate of the global average with more droughts and greater seasonal variability in precipitation forecast.

And greater than the impact on winter tourism, the expected variability in precipitation is likely to bring greater conflict for scarcer water resources—after all, the glaciers of Europe provide 40% of the continent's fresh water.

More than anything else, take it as a sign of things to come.

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