Sundance Resort

There's a reason why the Sundance Film Festival is such a rockin' success: It's full of beautiful people, enjoying a beautiful place that was engineered by a good man with excellent values. Founded in 1969 by Robert Redford, who purchased thousands of acres among the mountains of Utah with the intention of preserving the natural splendor of the area and developing a small, sustainable community based on nature and the arts, Sundance emerged from the hippy era an existing example for the modern day... True, the resort doesn't have the thoroughly urbane, post-modern flair that many of us have come to desire in architecture, but the principals and mission behind Sundance are core values. Its owners believe that they are stewards of the mountain community and support ecological preservation. And though it may technically be a little rustic for TreeHugger, it sets a fine example. Take, for instance the newest addition to Sundance, the spa, which relied upon environmentally responsible building products, such as low-VOC paint, water-saving devices, energy-efficient lighting and heating, wallboard made from sunflower seed hulls and salvage trestle-wood lumber. Or the glassworks factory, where "in a perfect fusion of our artistic and environmental purposes" (their words, not ours), artisans transform discarded wine bottles, etc., into vases, wine glasses, dinner plates, pitchers, and other functional objects and art pieces that are then put to use in the resort's restaurants or used to decorate local areas. The resort even built its own kiln, "Because recycling glass in Utah presents its own set of challenges." Talk about recycling locally and keeping an eye n your community. And in addition to normally recycled cans and paper, Sundance sees to it that computers, ski poles, kitchen grease, videos and Tyvek envelopes are repurposed. Lately, they've even invested in wind power credits that support the state of Utah's renewable energy sources. We know it may be a little rustic for you, but everybody's got to get back to nature sometime. ::Sundance Resort [by MO]