Smoothwater Eco-Lodge

150 years ago much of Ontario was covered with giant white pines ten stories tall; half of the men in the country would leave the farm every winter to chop them down and send them to England to become the backbone of the British navy. The few that are left are in the stunning Temagami area 300 miles north of Toronto. Deep in the trees is the Smoothwater Eco-Lodge, offering canoeing, camping and hiking in summer, snowshoeing and Xcountry skiing in winter. Food is all organic-"a celebration of canoeing Temagami's lakes and rivers, hiking Temagami's old growth pine forests, Temagami's wildlife and Temagami's people. In short, it is about a very special sense of place. Our culinary style starts with fresh, seasonal ingredients from the region." served around a big open kitchen. How could we pass up on this- For the next few weeks they have a Treehugger special (no relation, they have never heard of us)- accommodation, a guided paddle, evening presentations and organic meals. ::Smoothwater Eco-Lodge