Sleeping Lady Eco-Retreat

Hiding in the hills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state USA is an eco-retreat. Not that it has been totally hidden from view, having won a fistful of awards for its green architectural performance, including being one of the American Institute of Architects' Top Ten Green Projects in 2001. Catering for groups of 5 to 200, including conferences, they have, amongst a long list of eco-initiatives managed the following: reused existing buildings, reused timber beams to make flooring, installed decking from recycled plastic bags and furniture factory wood waste, use tables made of recycled plate glass, converted construction 'waste' into landscaping materials. Let's draw breath for a mo'. OK, on we go...... Paints and sealers are mostly water based to reduce 'off- gassing'. Ground source heat pumps tap the earth's warmth to heat the pool. Insulation is recycled cardboard and computer paper. Compact fluoro lighting is used extensively with LEDs being added where appropriate. Sheets and towels are sanitised with ozone, reducing hot water laundry use by 90%. They use electrical vehicles on the property .... and the list goes on! Suffice to say this is no token eco-resort. Through an ongoing partnership with architects and landscape architects Jones and Jones, the Sleeping Lady seems to genuinely walk their green talk. [by WM]