Scandic Hotel Chain Goes Green

Many readers will probably be familiar with the feeling that they are taking their environmental concerns a little too far. I recently had this experience as I showed a friend some pictures of my recent vacation in Finland. Nestled amidst the images of my fiance and me on the beach was a rather dull photo of the trashcan from my hotel room. In my defence, this was no ordinary trashcan – not only did it contain a section for recycling paper, it also boasted a separate compartment for organic wastes for composting. Duly impressed, I searched for further signs of eco-consciousness from the hotel management and was not disappointed. Alongside the usual signs asking guests to re-use towels, I also found a water saving dual-flush lavatory, refillable soap dispensers and low-energy light bulbs. Once I had finished geeking out over the room’s eco-features I made my way down to breakfast. Whilst the all-you-can-eat buffet was, in many ways, a classic example of untreehugger-like over consumption, I was pleased to find organic milk, yoghurt, sugar and tea on offer amongst the usual bacon and eggs. A leaflet in my room further explained that the hotel’s restaurant aims to use local and/or organic ingredients where possible.Apparently these measures are part of an ongoing initiative by the Scandic chain which operates hotels across Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Unfortunately their website contains very little information on their environmental policy, or on exactly how much water or energy has been saved by these moves, but it seems certain that a chain-wide effort such as this would have a significant impact on resource use. [Written by: Sami Grover]