San Francisco Puts Green Under One 'Ecothusiasm' Roof

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It seems like every day there is a new article on something innovative and GREEN that San Francisco is doing. Well the SF Convention and Visitors Bureau (SFCVB) is grouping all of those ideas together under one roof to encourage residents to know what is out there as well as publicize all of the green options to tourists. This new initiative they call "ecothusiasm."Who Can Use The Site?

This web portal allows tourists, business travelers, and was designed by local SFCVB business members, thus its developed by businesses for businesses looking to go green and going through the process. The site is designed with major headers across the top to "green your business" "green your meeting" "green your trip."

Local businesses that are interested in applying and qualifying for green certifications can also use the site as a resource to get started and find green strategies. The site also works for meeting planners who want to green meeting locations and make it easier or almost invisible for attendees to incorporate green.

Green Tips on the Site
Eco411, is the site blog which includes interviews and tips from local business-owners on how they are going green and what they are finding is working. 'Green Your Journey' offers advice on green walking tours and day trips near San Francisco to green activities.

Some of the information is more tourist-guide than green, for example the 'Green Your Trip' link just brings you to a page of public transportation options. While taking public transportation is a green option, it is nothing new. The 'Green Your Meeting' link on the other hand is full of resources for carbon offsets, greener materials, and tips to make a meeting more eco-friendly. The 'Green Your Business' Meeting also has a compilation of links for eco-certifying your business, where to hold a green meeting, and even green tour companies.

San Francisco has done some truly innovative things when it comes to green, from being the first city to ban the plastic bag, to increasing city-wide recycling levels to converting all taxis to hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles by 2011. "In San Francisco, we're more than committed to caring for the planet, we're completely enthusiastic."

The San Francisco Visitor Information Center is located at 900 Market Street in the Hallidie Plaza, and can be found online.

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