RockResorts Now Recycles Barely-Used Hotel Soap and Shampoo

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Finally, someone has found a way to close the loop on all of that barely-used soap and shampoo that goes to waste after hotel patrons depart one hotel for new hotels and new showers full of sample-sized soaps and shampoos. Clean the World has come up with a way to get 100% use out of all of those tiny bottles, and it doesn't involve a giant vat with upended bottles dripping every last drop of shampoo into it.RockResorts International, the hotel chain based in Colorado has partnered with Clean the World Inc to donate all barely used soap and shampoo containers to villages throughout Haiti. All 8 hotels in the RockResorts chain are now part of the program (which boasts 100 participating hotels). Recent soap shipments to Haiti, one of the poorest nations in the world, included 45,000 bars of soap and one shipment even included 100,000 bars of soap. Clean the World also donates soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and bath gels to homeless shelters in the United States. Thanks to Rock Resorts, Clean the World will be donating leftover hotel samples to homeless shelters in Colorado.

Each year over 1 million bars of soap are thrown away in landfills before they have been used up. At the same time, 3.5 million children around the world die from acute respiratory and diarrheal disease, most of which could be prevented with access to hand soap and education programs on the importance of hand washing.

Does this mean that Clean the World is giving used soap away? Nope, actually Clean the World takes all used soap and sterilizes it through a steaming process and then repackages the soap. Clean the World employs men from the Central Care Mission in Orlando, FL as part of a program to help get homeless men off the street and into full-time jobs.

As of July 2009, over 100 hotels were participating in the soap recycling program (not just RockResorts). You can drop your unused soap at any participating hotel in the program, or mail unused/leftover soap to: Central Care Mission, 4027 Lennox Blvd. Orlando, FL 32811. To find out more about Clean the World or to encourage your local hotel to donate used soap and keep it out of the landfills, check them out online at Clean the World.

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