Responsible Travel - the Website

"We feel that it is only right that our holidays should also contribute towards enriching destinations and benefitting local people. All our holidays are screened to ensure that this is the case." And just how do the guys at the British based Responsible Travel do this? Via their criteria, which they publish here. Of the dozen or so such requirements noted, these following few examples indicate what they are looking for: That travel suppliers listed on their site provide evidence that they offer suggestions for destination visits to appropriate local projects with direct or indirect environmental, and social benefits. As well as ensuring that a local guide accompanies all group visits to local communities And that travellers are provided with relevant suggestions to minimise damage to the environment, wildlife and marine ecosystems. We also like the inclusion of volunteering holidays, like tracking snow leopards in the Altai, surveying turtles in Mexico, building stoves in the Peruvian highlands, or archaeological digs in the Caribbean. ::Responsible Travel