Renewable Energy Powered Eco-Resort Planned by Richard Branson

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Whatever secret superpowered personal energy source Richard Branson has in that body of his, I want some of it. Not content with his myriad other business ventures, the Virgin Group chairman is set to stake his claim in another market segment: Eco-Resorts. Note to those of you who may want to start down this career path, it helps to have two private Caribbean Islands to set you on your way.

Eco-Villas Planned for Branson's Two Little Spots of Heaven
Although it is not a done deal yet as the resort plans have yet to be approved, but the British tycoon has big green plans for his foray into resort development. Branson intends to create 20 exclusive villas and a beachfront restaurant all powered by wind turbines and solar panels. The planned buildings will be designed to make the most of the local wind patterns so as to avoid the need for air conditioning. All the food will be come from local, organic sources and all motorized transport will be powered by biofuels.

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Business Week: "It is actually inexcusable for the Caribbean to need to use dirty fuels anymore when it has all these natural resources on its doorstep."

Now, are carbon offsets for all the corporate jet flights and private yacht excursions Branson's clientele use to arrive at their little bit of guilt-free relaxation included in the room rates?

via :: Business Week
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