Recycling Oil Rigs into Resorts

morris architects oil rig image

What do you do with an old oil rig sitting in a lovely spot like the Gulf of Mexico? How about turning it into a hotel? Morris Architects show us how, in their winning entry in the Radical Innovation in Hospitality Awards.

morris architects oil rig ship image

It is expensive, working out on oil rigs, so the architects propose building the prefabricated rooms on shipping container module sizes, and moving them by ship;

morris architects oil rig container image

But shipping container dimensions make for lousy hotel rooms, so they developed a sophisticated pop-out design.

morris architects oil rig pop out  image

morris architects oil rig stair image

The pop-out produces enough room to make a comfortable unit, complete with hot tub.

morris architects oil rig lobby image

Morris Lapidus at the Fountainebleu has nothing on Morris Architects when it comes to a sexy hotel stair for a grand entrance.

morris architects oil rig interior image

Another interior view. Play all day:

* 300+ guest and luxury suites
* Conference facility and ballroom for events
* Fitness center and spa
* High end dining, shopping, and entertainment
* Rooftop infinity pool
* Pro shop and launch for water-based activities
* Gaming casino and stargazer lounge
* Dive bell and scuba training
* Boat launch and boat slips for visitors

morris architects oil rig night view image

And then party all night. via Jetson Green, BLDGBLOG and Curbed

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