Puntacana Resort Eco Policies

It was through the news of exquisite designer Oscar de la Renta designing some of the suites of the Puntacana Resort & Club -Dominican Republic-, that we found out some of the great green policies they are implementing.
At this paradise resort, a system of ponds purifies wastewater from the suites and facilities and re utilizes it in the irrigation of the gardens and golf course grounds. Inside the hotel, all detergents used are biodegradable, and all glass bottles are recycled, while organic waste is composted. The hotel also produces its food with vegetables, fruits and spice obtained from its organic gardens, only steps away from the hotel entrance.Founded in the mid sixties by Dominican businessman Frank Rainieri and New York attorney and labor mediator Theodore Kheel, this complex has even an Ecological Foundation that looks for a 1,000 acres Nature Reserve, which is home to other research and development institutions such as the Punta Cana Biodiversity Laboratory, and Indian Eyes Ecological Park.
Raineri and Kheel's environmental contributions don't end up here. They are also Chairman of the Caribbean Association for Sustainable Tourism and father of the Earth Pledge Foundation, respectively (this last institution promotes economic growth within environmental protection).
The Puntacana Resort & Club has parallel real state developments, in which co-developers are De la Renta (a native of the Dominican Republic and also into eco fashion, as showed by participating in Future Fashion) and Spanish singer Julio Iglesias, who have made of Corales (a part of the complex) their home. ::Puntacana Resort & Club.