Porteños, Tell Us About Buenos Aires!


Photo credit: Graham I. via Flickr.
(This is a post from the TH City Series. Find the rest here) Ever since the 2001 economic crash, Buenos Aires has been blooming as one of the most exciting cities in the continent. Often talked about as South America's "little Paris", Argentina's capital has the perfect mix of Latin and European flavors and a cultural offer that matches those of the most developed cities in the world. Did you know, for example, that it holds more than 140 private and public museums (Wikipedia)? Or that the number of theaters in the city is one of the highest in the world?

With a population of over three million and thirteen million counting the suburbs, this is also one of the biggest cities in South America.

And even though Argentina is held responsible for some major eco-disasters (like the contamination in Rio de la Plata and the Matanza Riachuelo), in the last years the city has also seen develop many green designers, some green design events, and even recycling initiatives from the government. That's why we'd love that all of you Buenos Aires treehuggers told us about this amazing place.


A view towards the city's northern coast.

For example, we'd love to know what's the general level of eco-consciousness among the Buenos Aires population: Do people care about green and sustainability? Do you care? How's air quality? Do people recycle/compost? Is there any urban planning? Are green roofs something common?

Or in terms of transportation, How would you say Buenos Aires is for cyclists? Are you able to move around the city with a bike? What are the best places to go for a ride? We know the city has a massive bus system with more than 180 lines, most of which go around 24/7. How do you perceive public transportation? Suburban sprawl? Have you tried the new tramway in Puerto Madero?


San Martin square, in Retiro neighborhood.

As time passes, Are things getting better or worse? Have you heard about the green efforts of designers such as Silvina Romero, Martin Churba, Miki Friedenbach? Have you ever been to the design store at Malba Museum and seen these and other designers' work?

What about food? Do you shop at the organic market in Chacarita neighborhood? Have you ever been to any of the vegetarian/organic restaurants we've featured here and here? Do you feel the organic food offer is growing in the city?

Anything you think we might find interesting, please share it with us in the comments of this post. We hope to hear from you!


Museum of Latin American Art (Malba).

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