's 'Emerging Industry Forum' on EcoTravel
We are always a bit wary of claims of being 'the first', but as was established back in 1994, maybe their tag as "the first website focusing on ecotourism and sustainable travel" might be legit. Nowadays the award winning site has over 10,000 pages. That diversity can make the site a little unwieldy to navigate at times. But we did manage to safely disembark at their page for an upcoming online forum "designed to provide professionally moderated, up-to-date results on small and medium enterprise (SME) priorities for funding and investment decisions for sustainable tourism in developing countries." The forum will run 1-18 November 2005, with support from SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Conservation International, USAID and the Development Gateway. Ecotravel enterprises operating in locales like Ecuador, Kenya, Mongolia and Peru are currently signed up to participate. It looks like a cost of $100 USD is incurred for full involvement.