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Here is a novel green vacation to add to your plans. Green Roof Safari offers a unique opportunity to learn about a diverse array of green roof projects in Germany and Switzerland. The Safari will visit at least three green roofs per day over a six day tour, featuring walkable days and individual time for private expeditions.

The tours are hosted by Christine Thuring of chlorophyllocity and Jörg Breuning. Christine is a Swiss-Canadian with an M.Sc. from the Centre for Green Roof Research at Pennsylvania State University. Jörg is German and works with Green Roof Service in the US. To see a glimpse of the fascinating green roofs which await participants, check over the fold. Don't miss the Hundertwasser Waldspirale:

Green Roof Safari Waldspirale by Hundertwasser image

Green Roof Safari will visit the Hundertwasser Waldspirale

Participants will have opportunities to discuss issues with policy-makers, designers and researchers specialized in green roof subjects and will receive detailed information about the green roofs visited to take home with them. Participants will also learn about the function of Green Roof technology in important areas such as:

  • stormwater mitigation

  • reduction of the urban heat island

  • energy efficiency for buildings

  • improved air quality (including removal of particulate matter)

  • extended lifespan of waterproofing

  • habitat and biodiversity

  • improved quality of life

Green Roof Safari Earth Houses by Peter Vetsch at Dietikon image

Green Roof Safari will visit "9 Houses", Residential Earth Dwellings by Peter Vetsch

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