Petit Byahaut Eco-Resort


Imagine arriving at your chosen vacation destination not by plane or train, but by boat. As you disembark, you wade—yes wade--through crystalline waters to a place with no roads. You are at Petit Byahaut, hidden on the west coast of St. Vincent in the Carribbean. The resort's supplies arrive in similar fashion, keeping the area pristine. Guest dwellings use low-wattage lights powered by photovoltaic cells and metal roofs funnel water to non-visible tanks, which later pipe solar-heated water to showers, which in turn drain into lush planting areas. Rates vary depending on package, but start at $100/night/person for a triple, including meals and some activities. Thanks for the tip Michele Weingeist! ::NY Times [by MO]

petit byahaut suite.jpg

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