Peruvian 'Casa Ecologica' Alternative Tourism


Casa Ecológica Cusco (Cusco ecologic house) works with communities from the Andean and forest areas of Peru promoting the sustainable production of organic food, medicines and textiles; and offering alternative tourism programs to experiment the area not just as a visitor. This package of tourism is what we found the most interesting, as it's been developed along with the natives and it kind of involves getting to know this amazing part of the planet where the Incas lived from a different perspective. The programs include volunteering to teach English, working in farms of the area, or learning artisan practices. "The idea of our project is to promote environmental conservation and ecologic production, while helping natives to have sustainable means of living", says Alejandro Trevisan, an Argentinean co-founder of Casa Ecologica. "Our greatest accomplishment has been the conformation of an association integrated entirely by men and women from the 25 communities that work with us, who have been able to reunite, know each other and exchange products", he says. Learn more about Casa Ecologica in their website, or visit their stores in Cusco, Ollantaytambo or their production centre in Lamay (Incas sacred valley). ::Casa Ecologica Cusco