People of London: Tell Us About Your City


photo credit: Wally Gobetz via Flickr

It is a beautifully sunny day here in London, I am happy to say that summer has finally arrived on these shores. It feels like a good day to cycle along one of the many tow paths down by the River Thames or to take stroll through one of the gorgeously green and leafy public parks that are dotted all over this sprawling metropolis, if you are not stuck in a stuffy office block that is. London is the most populous city in Europe with 7.7 million of us living here, so we know there are a lot of you out there who can tell other TH readers what life is like in this great city. We'd like to know, in TreeHugging terms, what are the best and what are the worst things about London? What is the general level of eco-consciousness among the population? How's public transportation? How is it for cyclists? Does anyone actually use Oybike? Has anyone caught a Hybrid taxi? What about the Suburban sprawl? Are you benefitting from the Congestion Charge system? Air quality? Has the recent smoking ban helped? Recycling/composting? As time passes, are things getting better or worse?


We'd love to hear from everyone of you TreeHugger reading Londoners out there. What are you favourite green spots, shops, restaurants? Did anyone go to Live Earth in London? What did you think of it? Is the Mayor Ken Livingstone really keeping his promise to make London one of the greenest cities in the world? How do think London's eco-friendly credentials could be improved? And what about the upcoming Olympics? Please tell us all in the comments box below. :: TH City Series :: Austin :: Portland :: Toronto


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