Park encourages visitors to leave cell phones, cars keys behind

New Forest tech creche photo
Video screen capture New Forest National Park Authority

There are plenty of ways that cell phones are helping environmentalism, but they can also be a distraction and even an addiction.

Especially when we are in the wild.

That's why New Forest National Park in southern England is trying out a new scheme—called the Tech Creche—to help visitors to take a break from their gadgets and really start to enjoy the world around them.

Located at the nearby Brockenhurst rail station, the tech creche allows visitors to leave computers, cell phones, iPads and even car keys with the New Forest Travel Concierge, providing an open top bus for travel to the park itself. For families who are concerned that their younger members—or adults for that matter—will get cold feet on the day of the visit, you can download promise vouchers for grown ups and children alike.

In case you need even more incentive to leave the phone behind, tech creche users are also rewarded with free entry into a prize draw for a one-night zen spa escape break.

Here's what a young Richard David Attenborough makes of it all.

Park encourages visitors to leave cell phones, cars keys behind
The New Forest's "Tech Creche" is an interesting way to create a little space between ourselves and our gadgets.

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