Paris Report: Get Your Green Necessities at resonances

Since more of us visit Paris than any other city in the world, it's quite possible that you will find yourself here this summer. Not to be a giant (scrumptious, fresh, delightfully packaged) cheese ball of a tourist, but I'm feeling so lucky (even blessed, if I may) to wander this incredible city. For you, loyal readers, I'm selflessly forgoing Seine-side make-out sessions in favor of scouring (well, traipsing, really) the boulevards in search of TreeHugging food and fashion/accessories options. First, however, the basics: while family and friends are checking out Fauchon or the Maille mustard store (6, place de la Madeleine) around the Eglise de la Madeleine, you can wander over to France's answer to Gaiam. resonances (3, boulevard Malesherbes) is a great place to grab a host gift you feel good about, or needed items like towels, neck pillows, and toiletries (I snagged some well-priced Lavera necessities). Somehow, by virtue of their Frenchness, even a lot of the yoga and "wellness" products seemed chic... Check out the site for other locations in Paris and around France. :: resonances