One Man, One Mission, And 12,000km On a Bike

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What started out as a four month mission on a bicycle to raise awareness about climate change, has turned into a lucrative fundraising endeavor as well as a visual documentary about the environment in South America. Ryan Stotland, self-confessed TreeHugger fan, decided to take four months this fall and travel roughly 12,000km around South America to raise money for Climate Change and Cancer Research, as well as just see if he could do it. What is it with kids these days, first a 23 year old wants to spend 3 years on a bike raising awareness about climate change and now a 22 year old spend 4 months on a bike for climate change. In four months, Ryan will have traveled through 7 countries as he covers roughly 12,000km on bike. If you've ever been to South America, you probably know that there are flat parts...and there are not so flat parts, so Ryan definitely has his work cut out for him. Though, Ryan has done extensive bike touring around the world, and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process, so maybe he has "some" idea of what he is in for. This time he wants to up the ante and single-handedly raise $250,000USD to be given

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The trip blog/diary that Ryan has kept throughout his two-wheeled journey has been eye-opening and inspirational. Maybe it's the altitude. Maybe its the delirium from staring at the ground for months on end. Or maybe, its like Che said, "Let the world change you, and you can change the world." One article in particular, Ryan compares how touring via bicycle is a metaphor for the current climate crisis, and how touring by bike allows you to see the world rather than let it fly by at 30,000 feet.

You can read more about Ryan's journeys on his blog 12000km and cheer him on. The site also has an interactive map so you can keep an eye on where Ryan is from day to day. This is also helpful for mom's everywhere to keep track of their planet-changing children. The site is available in both English and French.

Save travels, Ryan!

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