Null Stern Hotel Creatively Recyles Air Raid Shelter

zero star bedroom

Travelling on a budget? Sarah Rich, now at the Dwell Blog, points us to the charming new Null Stern (Zero Star) Hotel in Zurich. It pushes so many TreeHugger-approved buttons:

1) It repurposes and reuses an existing building, namely an old air-raid shelter, with minimal structural intervention and renovation;

zero hotel water bottles image

2) It relies on traditional, indigenous thermal heating technologies;

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3) Privacy is so bourgeois, and spacially so inefficient; it saves so much energy to pack everyone into one room. Besides, it takes us back to our happy hippie hostel hopping days.

zero robes image

4) Thick terry robes are such a problem for hotels between the washing and the theft. How much greener it is to convert old scratchy army blankets into rancid ponchos.

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After all, we do preach that Less is More. Why occupy a Four Seasons or a DoubleTree when you can stay at a Zero Star Hotel.

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"«Zero Star Hotel» is a concept made by the artist-twins Frank and Patrik Riklin from the «Atelier für Sonderaufgaben» in St.Gallen, Switzerland. World's first «Zero-Star-Hotel-Concept» is an interesting alternative range in the local Hotel and was devolped in cooperation with the commune Sevelen.

The Low-Budget-Hotel is an art installation which is located in the well known Swiss-Air-Raid-Shelter and organised in a franchising system."

Zero Star Hotel

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