Non-toxic emergency flare for travelers: and more.

Know anyone besides police who actually carry incendiary emergency flares?  Those fearsome flamers have one common use: diverting motorists from your misfortune. I always felt that carrying and deploying the flares is a job for police and fire service: until this mind-changing design arrived "on the scene". TreeHuggers may appreciate the alternative of FlareAlert(TM) (, a battery-operated, 12-LED, electronic safety flare for the car and more.Feature list from FlareAlert press release:
  • crush-resistant for road deployment

  • built-in magnetic base, to mount on car trunk, mailbox, roof, etc

  • non-toxic (no more perchlorates or magnesium)

  • cool: won't ignite gas fumes

  • One FlareAlert will burn as long as 80 incendiary flares before needing new batteries. cost to operate = 3 cents per hour, compared to incendiary flares' average cost of four dollars per hour.
  • FlareAlert is advertised in red version now.  Blue, green, yellow and white versions are supposed to be available later this year.

    Now about the more part.  Ever have a visitor try to find your house on a darkened street, only to find yourself directing their every move by cell phone. One of these on the mailbox will do nicely.  I especially like the double duty aspect.  Keeping this in the glove compartment makes for an emergency flashlight if someone drops a key for example.

    by: John Laumer