No Frills Eco-Chic Hotel Coming to Montreal

The trendiest hoteliers in Canada are the Groupe Germain, but they are high-end boutique and expensive. Now they have launched the cheap-chic Alt brand-"What we're launching today has been dubbed no-frills-chic, combining design, atmosphere and chic interiors with the best possible price"

Not only is it cheap and chic, but it is green. To keep costs down but maintain quality, the rooms are being prefabricated offsite. The hotel has geothermal heating and cooling, heat recovery from exhaust air, heat recovery from laundry water, energy efficient lighting, geothermally heated tiles on the ground floor and digital controls of ventilation, cooling and heating. Designed by Lemay Michaud Architectures Design, who have done some neat stuff. All for C$ 129 per night which is pretty amazing. ::Althotels
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