Nissan Airstream BaseCamp


We will admit to being partial to Airstream's silver-sleek aluminum style, so imagine our excitement to learn that the free hand given to designers at Nissan Design America (NDA) has resulted in minimalist model which is certain to be the rage in Dutch touring clubs, joining successful European mini-models such as the Eriba Puck, or the Tabbart T@b (see pics over the fold). As reported in Airstream's newsletter, the Base Camp "was the brainchild of NDA aces Bryan Thompson and Steve Moneypenny, who envisioned a travel vehicle that was a springboard for outdoor adventures rather than a living room on wheels."
Shiro Nakamura, president of NDA, encourages employees to work outside the traditional automobile field to design boats, golf clubs and furniture as well as campers to spark the creative spirit. Well it seems to be working. This micro-light tent-trailer hybrid is designed to be towable by most family cars (now what's your excuse for owning an SUV?) and should be affordable at under 20,000 US Dollars when introduced to the market this fall.

With 20 inch wheels and robomatic shades, excuse me "tinted wrap-around windows", we hope this less-is-more design will be an envy magnet. Once at your base camp, the unit doubles in size thanks to a Kelty tent which folds out the back. And kudos for addressing a key issue in trailer life-cycle design: what to do with the first or second kid or when the kids leave home? Airstream is advertising a flexible layout and easy conversion packages so the BaseCamp can meet your needs in various stages of life as well as convert to a utility trailer or toy hauler. We predict this model will further excite the land-yacht versus go lightly debate.


Puck by Eriba, forerunner of today's Eriba Touring caravan


Tabbart T@b