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It's vacation time and many of us are using cars and boats and trains and planes to be whisked away to adventures. The good news is that new ways of travel that recycle and reduce travellers' carbon footprints are popping up wherever you go.

Where to find them... If you are in Cornwall, don't miss the ferry boat powered by the fat from french fries. It's a year-long trial run to save money and carbon emissions but it's a bit smelly. Cornwall Ferries is thinking of adding rose petals or sandalwood to make the trip even sweeter.

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Another European boat, this time in Berlin,Germany is solar-powered. Larger by far than the plucky little ferry, the SOLON holds 60 people and has 24 solar panels on its roof to provide its energy. The catamaran will take tourists along canals and waterways and even have jazz concerts on board. On shore, the company also has a solar charging station for solar-powered boats.

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More boats: the first parallel hybrid electric solar ferry service was launched in Hong Kong in June. It's a catamaran ferrying up to 100 passengers on the 15-minute trip between the mainland and three public golf courses. It is estimated to cut fuel consumption by 50% compared with the previous ferry and cut costs by $400,000 a year.

Shed a tear for the original solar passenger boat in London: the S.S. Solar shuttle, launched in 2006, which seems to have disappeared now.

If boats aren't your thing, how about food...

The Eat'n Park restaurant in Pittsburgh will soon have a power-generating wind turbine that will stretch 40 feet into the air. It is intended to generate 2,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The chain is also planning other green features such as power-saving induction cookers and rain barrels to collect water for the landscaping.

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Who could resist this lobster restaurant in the old port of Montreal. Made out of a container, and first seen in 2009, it is a self contained restaurant unit that is easily transportable. Made of recyclable and sustainable materials, using solar power, with a floor from recycled tires and selling local foods ( Quebec lobsters), it's an eco-chic boutique.


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After lunch...take the family on a pedi-bus. It's fun but hard work. Pedibus seats eight cyclists who sit facing each other as if at a dinner table and pedal their way around London, steered by a "driver". Drinks are served and there is a solar powered sound system as the driver takes you on your choice of tours in London.

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