Naturhotel Waldklause Offers Ecotourists Austrian Options

Imagine a hotel striving to set a new standard in ecological construction techniques, with a focus on giving their guests the healing and soothing experience of nature on their next holiday. A hotel built from wood, stone and glass with old-world craftsmanship so fine the wooden pegs which have replaced nails in the construction are fitted without glues. Where arolla pine in your bedroom is claimed to lower your heart rate with it calming aroma. Where you rest enveloped in natural wool bedding from sheep just up the mountain from this Tirolean valley where you are dreaming. Where you drink the local mountain water from your tap--wondering to yourself if the treatment with alpine crystals and light has further enhanced its natural goodness. Where if you invite five friends and take an apartment, your stay could separate you from as little as 35 euros (45 dollars) a night--and still give you free entrance to the nearby thermal baths on weekdays (15% reduction on weekends). Now imagine travelling by train to this exemplary vacation destination, because anything else seems almost an insult to the concept which the Auer family has established for the four-season enjoyment of guests to this paradise for skiers, hikers and nature lovers alike. And if the place you call home is too far to reach the European Alps by public transport, then show this website to every property developer you know until you stir up similar commitment in the tourist industry near your home. It is always inspiring to find examples of green design in the tourism or any other industry. This one is particularly satisfying though, coming to our attention via a title page series in the German magazine Focus (think Time or Newsweek if you are familiar with the USA mags). Focus is meeting their reader's demands for--or perhaps further driving the evolving acceptance of-- the new society: free of ideology, lead-free and chic. Good to see the new green going public in the home of Birkenstocks.

Via ::Waldklause Austria and tip from Focus magazine title series "Lifestyle: GrĂ¼ner Leben" (Lifestyle: Living Greener).