Move Over Paper - Rand McNally Maps Printed on Microfiber

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Printed maps are debatably old school, though I still carry around a map and travel guide when I go anywhere. While some people prefer checking their phones or googling directions, there are some who still want a printed object to refer to while wandering. Ran McNally, though, recognizes that while printed maps are maybe/maybe not old fashioned, paper maps can certainly be one-upped.

Say hello to useful and durable microfiber maps!In a move that really is pretty practical and cool, Rand McNally is printing maps of very touristy places onto microfiber. You can now pull out your map, unfold, refold, and stuff it in your pocket as many times as you want without ripping it. You can also clean your glasses with it so you can see your way clearly.

The detail of the printing is pretty great - the street names are very legible, not as fuzzy as you might expect it to be

Maps of smaller areas, like South Beach, Beverly Hills, San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, and other tourist places aren't going to change fast enough or drastically enough to require frequent reprinting, and there are always going to be people who want a printed map instead of digital. So making them on something that can be used over and over - including for things unrelated to travel - and last a long time is a brilliant green move.

Priced at under $6, they're a good deal too.

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