Micro Macro Monde: A Center for Radically Rethinking Design


Designer Niels Peter Flint "has been working in the field of designing, implementing and promoting sustainable ways of living" for the last 25 years, working, lecturing and travelling around the world. But now he has put down serious roots in this nice little pile in Cormes, France, and has started the Micro Macro Monde Center (MMM), "a center for Radically Rethinking Design & the World."

MMM offers all-inclusive courses with three meals a day, accommodation in organic cotton tents and of course, daily yoga sessions, and the courses for this year look interesting:


Micro Living: the story about how we can live in new minimalistic, extravagant, joyfull, dynamic, sustainable, ways... This course is about building new ways of living - micro living with a macro low impact.

Flush and Forget: Learn about where all matter might come from and where is sooner or later goes on its eternal cycles on the planet and in the universe. It's not just about compost toilets but about conceptualizing and developing systems which understand that "flush and forget" is not only a waste of money its also waste of valuable resources.
Woody Sparks: Kick your perception of what wood is all about – or other ways of using wood and various ways of doing it. This workshop is totally dedicated to this unique material that makes up so much of what we do in today’s world.

SOLAR & SUSTAIN - the magic of renewable energy how to design and develop small as well as the BIG solutions for tomorrow’s solar powered world. The course and related workshops will primarily focus how we can use photo voltaics (PV) appropriately in products as well as in buildings.

And lots more interesting programs running throughout the summer- see them all here.

More on Niels Peter Flint and his firm EXDL

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