Listen to the mesmerizing sounds of 36 places around the world

© Orbitz

From cities and villages to jungles and shores, 36 people in 33 countries on 6 continents recorded the sounds of the places they call home. Take a listen here.

Calling all chronic sufferers of wanderlust, we've got a quick fix that might soothe that urge ... even if just for a few minutes. The travel website Orbitz has put together this undeniably nifty collection that presents one of the more overlooked (or, underheard) elements of travel: Namely, sounds.

The company asked 36 people across the globe to make recordings of the places they live, and the results are a wonderful panoply of birds and bike bells, horse clops and car honks ... and a lot of waves crashing. (Why is the sound of waves coming ashore so remarkably soothing, anyway?)

And while each sound clip is also accompanied by a photo, one need not even have the eyes open to enjoy the journey. Just sit back, and surround yourself with sound ... while crashing waves and birdsong transport you to another world.

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