Marriott Hawaii Offers First Allergy-Free Guest Rooms

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Image Courtesy of Marriott Hawaii Hotels.

We've all been to hotels with the "save water" cards that ask you to reuse your towels by hanging up and we feel good about doing something for the planet. Well the Marriott in Hawaii begged the question, is there something more we could be doing? And they found the answer is yes.

No, being located in paradise alone was not good enough for the Marriott Hawaii, they had to take it one step further, 'in the hopes of providing our guests with a more beneficial, and green, authentic island experience.'

The JW Marriott Ihilani Resot & Spa is the first in Hawaii and one of the first in the United States to use the PURE system, by Pure System North America, whereby guests on the 17th floor and the Presidential Suite receive "an ultimate allergy-friendly room environment." The PURE system treats the room to specially remove contaminants from 'bedding, carpeting, walls, furniture, air conditioning systems, and practically everything in the room.' All five resort hotels in Hawaii are taking on green initiatives throughout the hotels. Why Make an Allergy-Free Hotel?

"A Cornell University study found that one third of travelers had allergy problems and 83% said they would prefer to stay in 'pure rooms' if they had the chance and 81% of people who did not have allergies said they, too, would prefer an allergy-free room." When the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa converts its 35,000-square-foot Ihilani Spa, it will become the first and only spa facility in the United States to be entirely allergy-friendly. The five Marriott Resort hotels in Hawaii all aim to be not just allergy-free, but also energy efficient, protective of native wildlife and responsible in their water use.

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Image Courtesy of Marriott Hawaii Hotels.

How To Make an Allergy-Free Hotel?

First, yes, the hotels still encourage customers to save water by reusing towels and linens. Then the hotels take this further by making sure that almost every guest space is allergy-free. To maintain ideal conditions in the room, a state-of-the-art air purification system is installed, creating air quality that averages four times cleaner than the threshold for asthma patients. In addition, special, micro-fiber hypoallergenic pillowcases and mattress covers are used in the room to eliminate dust and dander and dust-mite related allergens usually associated with common bedding.

The Ihilani Spa even offers a more well rounded green system by offering special menus featuring fresh organically grown local produce.

The Kaua'i Marriott Resort & Beach Club

Launched, in part, because customers were increasingly asking for a 'Green Room' Marriott took a look at what that would mean and how to give the customers what they want. At the Kaua'i Marriott Resort & Beach Club, they determined that a Green Room "is necessary for those individuals who are highly allergenic through multiple senses" and therefore a Green Room is a personalized service offered for any of the guest rooms and suites.

Image courtesy of Marriott Resorts Hawaii
Image courtesy of Marriott Hotels.

To create a room for those with chemical sensitivities, staff wash linens without fabric softeners and replace feather pillows and duvets with foam and inserts. Green rooms also include baking soda instead of fragrances and removal of sample shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion, as well as coffee and tea.

Staff at the resort are also aware of endangered birds that migrate through the area each fall and are on the lookout for any that might be injured. An industrial ozone system was installed so linens are cleaned without hot water to save energy and releases 85% fewer chemicals into the environment.

The resort also has an extensive recycling program for the usual paper, plastic, glass, but also recycles, "carpet, motor oil, paint thinner, tires, batteries, phone books, scrap metal, discarded linens, obsolete furniture, fixtures and equipment, toner cartridges, contaminated food waste with green waste, and florist cuttings with green waste.

Marriott Waikiki

Recently recognized as one of Travelocity's "Ten Hotels Where Every Day is Earth Day" for its year-round eco-friendly initiatives. The hotel also received Energy Star award from the EPA and awards from the State of Hawaii for its green initiatives.
In 2007, Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa recycled:
- 33.6 tons of glass
- 287.9 tons of wet waste
- 28.2 tons of cardboard
- 13.3 tons of fryer oil
- 3.8 tons of mixed paper
- 2.9 tons of white paper
The money made from recycling is donated to area schools for special programs.
The hotel also uses A/C sensors which turn off the unit when balcony doors open, as well as CFLs in 90% of the resort and motion detectors to turn lights on only when needed. Saline (chemical-free) pool, environmentally friendly cleaning products, native landscaping, water timers, as well as educating the local community about beach adoption are all aspects of the Green program.

Marriott's Environmentally Conscious Hospitality Operations (ECHO) program works to improve the eco-footprint of all their hotels. The program "focuses on water and energy conservation, clean air initiatives, wildlife preservation, "reduce-reuse-recycle" waste initiatives, and clean-up campaigns."

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As if paradise wasn't perfect enough.


Marriott Hawaii Offers First Allergy-Free Guest Rooms
We've all been to hotels with the "save water" cards that ask you to reuse your towels by hanging up and we feel good about doing something for the planet. Well the Marriott in Hawaii begged the question,

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