Manaca Eco-Travel Tours

Over the past decade or so, the term eco-travel has been in danger of being green-washed up. But at Manaca travel, the mission truly is to protect and conserve the planet while making sure you get to travel the world in a conscientious, comfortable and customizable manner, with minimal environmental impact and maximum adventure...Manaca insists that all potential partners answer detailed questions in order to measure their commitment to conservation, community, and environment. Currently, the company offers customizable tours in 21 countries on six continents. Backcountry trips through Alaska and Kenya are predictably available, but how about a Western European itinerary that has you taking "green" transportation, meeting with environmental leaders, and discovering the latest sustainable technology? On top of all that, your trip will be hosted by Jim Motavalli, editor of E: The Environmental Magazine. Now that's a green trip. Rates for one to two week trips range from about $1,000-2,000/person, not including airfare. ::Manaca