"Love on a Bike" Trip in Denmark Includes Big Guns

There are times in relationships when you pull out the whole arsenal -- and regret it the next day. The Danes say, why not visit an armory instead?

Enter the "Love on a Bike" Tour, organized by Royal North Sealand. It's described as follows:

Do you and the love of your life long for some romantic time alone together? Do you long to feel the freedom that riding a bicycle brings?

“Love on a bike” is a romantic short break in one of Denmark’s most beautiful and culturally rich areas. We take care of all of the practical details, so you can take care of each other.

I recently experienced part of the tour as a guest of VisitCopenhagen.

The tours -- three or four days, ranging from 8km (5 miles) to 30km (19 miles) a day -- run through Denmark's scenic North Sealand region, about an hour by train from Copenhagen. Much of the journey is along a steep rocky coastline, with sweeping views of the ocean.

Royal North Sealand takes care of luggage and flat tire rescue operations. Couples can design their own trip or (if too many choices make tensions run high) choose from one of three, which also can be adjusted at will: World-Class Culture, Culture and Love, or Love with a View. Picnics, restaurant destinations, and nights in beach hotels, hostels or bed & breakfasts, are included.


  • The Armory: Hammermøllen was a set of water mills used to power the Kronborg weapons factory.
  • Kronborg Castle, one of the most famous Rennaisance Castles
  • Kyssebænken (the kissing bench), as if you need an excuse.
  • Esrum Abbey & Esrum Møllegaard, an abbey that makes its own beer and excellent tangy marmalade (I took some home) and includes a garden filled with poisonous herbs...so you learn what not to put in your loved one's salad.

poisonous herbs© Mairi Beautyman
. Don't eat these! Lily-of-the-valley in the poison garden at Esrum Abbey & Esrum Møllegaard.

beer abbey denmark© Mairi Beautyman
. Beer goes down smooth at the Esrum Abbey & Esrum Møllegaard.
  • A visit to Helene Kilde, one of the most famous springs in Denmark, reportedly blessed with healing powers
  • A meal at Bistro Nord, which sources nearly all ingredients locally
  • A night at the seaside Helenklide Badehotel, packed full of Danish antiques and a popular wedding destination

The trips can be planned and downloaded as a mobile app. A slow travel trip by bike, what's not to love?

"Love on a Bike" Trip in Denmark Includes Big Guns
There are times in relationships when you pull out the whole arsenal -- so why not visit an armory instead?

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