Looking for Green America by Bicycle


"Netjetters" is the name of the contest, run by the Guardian, where the winners get a three month paid trip in return for writing a regular blog about their experiences for the paper. It is quite inter-active in that readers can send suggestions to them about places en route where they should go. This year the theme of the competition was to create a "green" trip, in keeping with the growing popularity of eco-tourism. The winner is a female Londoner who is planning to take the "Great American Road Trip" by bicycle—but with a twist. She is going to turn it into a green expedition, rating each state by how green it is and trying to eat locally grown organic food as she travels. She has already researched the locations of organic farms,shops and markets, even "in states like Kentucky". She intends to stop off at eco-projects and places of environmental interest as she rides the 4,274 miles between Virginia and California. "My aim is to show that this trip is accessible to most people and that while America's roads may be perfect for gas-guzzling cars and disposable travelling, they don't have to be used that way". :: Guardian