Straw Isolated Walls and Underground Visitor Center at Beautiful Organic Winery Near the Andes

Founded by Greek businessman Constantinos Krontiras and his Argentine wife, Krontiras is a small winery from Mendoza, Argentina, producing organic Malbec and Tempranillo wines.

The company had its first harvest in 2005 and obtained an organic certification in 2007, now continuing its mission of making wines in harmony with nature by experimenting with biodynamic practices.

On a recent visit to Mendoza (which included a trekking at the Aconcagua park and a stroll on an awesome recycled railway park) we had the chance to visit one of its two main vineyards.

Located in Lujan de Cuyo, by the Andes, the grape plantations are over 120 years old.

Most wineries have their wine caves underground, but at this site, most of the processing facilities and visitor center were also built below the surface to save energy from keeping the space cool in the middle of the desert weather (although natural lightning was achieved with strategic windows).

Also underground, Krontiras is finishing a new cellar whose design is circular to cope with biodynamic principles and whose walls are isolated with straw that keeps the place cool and absorbs vibrations.

Next to it, the tasting room welcomes visitors with an olive tree and windows that let people see the composition of the soil.

On ground level, the winery is giving the last touches to its new inn, which will be surrounded by centuries-old olive trees which were rescued and transplanted to the area.

The whole place will be opened to visitors for the harvest season, which is a huge celebration in Mendoza called Fiesta de la Vendimia and takes place in the first week of March.

If you want to have a taste from afar, Krontiras wines are exported to the US, Brazil, Greece, and Japan. For more information contact the company through their website.

(The photo above is the ground level of the processing facilities, which is not operational but was used to host the tasting for a group of journalists, hence the windows).

Straw Isolated Walls and Underground Visitor Center at Beautiful Organic Winery Near the Andes
Nearby 120-years-old vineyards, the winery built its processing facilities and visitor center underground to save energy.

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