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Image: Kulturinsel

Wandering through the International Tourism Bourse, or ITB, in Berlin, looking for the eco angle amidst pushy vendors of exclusive golf courses and luxury hotels, one stand stands out. Behind a creatively lettered, found-wood framed sign boasting "First German TreeHouse Hotel", rearing into the air above the bustling crowds, a treehouse grabs attention. But a destination that looks like a child's vacation dream come true also offers an alternative for bold businesses looking for an adventurous meeting location to spur creative thinking or simply for a rapport-building escape. Join your colleagues in the cannibal's kettle?If the idea of a slow cook in an iron kettle warmed over a wood fire does not appeal, you could test your courage in the shock-shower on a wind-blown deck. Warm water simply could not be persuaded to climb to the 10 meter high deck, according to treehouse legend.

The eight treehouses are just one of many accomodations available to guests at the Kulturinsel (Culture Island). Below the treehouses lies a village of wooden houses, and a bit beyond a teepee settlement offers shelter. For larger groups, the underground house offers a spectacular wood-reinforced cavern as lodging.

The entire fairy-tale landscape is located just outside the city of Görlitz, on the border between Germany and Poland. Perhaps because the business model is particularly low-impact, the website for the TreeHouse Hotel is only in German and Polish. After all, if you want to protect the environment, you need to minimize the impact of travel by looking for an adventure in your own neighborhood. But if you happen to be passing through Görlitz, go out on a limb for a night!

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