How Three Bicycles Touring from Alaska to Panama Equal a Herd of Cattle

Three bicyclists plan a trip from Alaska to Paname to raise donations for Heifer International, a charity image

How are Cows and Bikes Connected?

The connection is not obvious until you know the story of The Cow Spokes. Tim Whittemore, Sam Stickney, and Noah Hoskins-Forsythe are farm boys who are trying to make their contribution to "just and sustainable development through out the world". They plan to do this by raising $10,000 in moo-lah from supporters of their marathon charity ride from Alaska to the Panama Canal. The money will go to, a charity which focuses on giving the gift of self-sufficiency.

For lovers of eco-travel blogs, the Cow Spokes are documenting their journey with stories and pictures. Follow the three cowspokes as they depart from Vermont for Alaska and share the stories eagerly requested by their devoted fans.The Bicycle Tour's Charity Cause
The Cow Spokes are funding their travels from personal savings and a group of "elite sponsors". So all of the charitable contributions made through their site will go to support the efforts of Arkansas-based Heifer International. Heifer International aims to break the cycle of poverty created by an often short-term approach to emergency relief. The idea is to give people the skills and materials for self-sufficiency, allowing them to prosper and then "pass it on".

The Bicycle Tour Blog
And what is it that the Cow Spokes' devoted fans are awaiting? Well, the first request for "stuff we wanna see" includes:

  • beard progress, bi-daily,

  • any FUN tan lines,

  • wildlife! yay,

  • weirdos you run into, and

  • dinner.

Stop by The Cow Spokes to check progress, make your donation, and comment on what stuff you wanna see as the travels have just begun!

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