How I Spent My Summer Vacation: At Camp for Climate Action


Yesterday Leonora pitched an idea for your summer vacation. If that is a bit tame for you, and you want to get outside and smell the tear gas, check this out: the Camp for Climate Action. "Climate change is happening now and is set to get much worse. Governments and corporations dream of growth without end, economy without limits. When the answer to ecological crisis is nuclear power you know there’s a problem. There is a growing grassroots movement that fundamentally challenges the fossil fuel economy.The camp will be a place for this movement to get together. It will be a place for new people, people who have never been ‘political’ before but who want move beyond concern into activity. It will be a place for experienced activists: old and young, cynical and hopeful. We all need courage, the guts to step beyond the comfort of our concern or the borders of our group. Climate change casts a long shadow over the future. But we believe this time can be an opportunity, a moment when people come together and say 'enough'


All this from London Rising Tide, an organization that closes down gas stations in protest of Northern Irish refinery development and goes after BP for greenwashing. ::London Rising Tide via TimeOut and Tipster Bonnie