Greenspace Cottages: A Truly Green Cottage Rental


Where we live, much of the population either owns or rents summer cottages. They tend now to get bigger and more expensive and duplicate everything that a city house has and have few green aspects or redeeming benefits. Where postwar most working people could afford a place in the woods somewhere, it is now unaffordable for all but the very rich. Thus we were thrilled to learn about Greenspace- they are developing small, affordable rental cottages that are truly green. They sit lightly on the landscape on piers; they have straw bale walls and SIP ceilings; radiant floors; low VOC finishes and generated less than a single pickup truck worth of waste for the construction of the entire cottage. It is in a great spot too- close to the Haliburton Forest Reserve , great for water sports and if you are into rock, there are mines and railway cuts where we have been collecting samples for years- a meteor hit this part of Ontario a few million years ago and created geological wonders. We summer nearby and it can't be beat. ::Greenspace