Green Living Project Documents Sustainability in Africa

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Want a dream job? How about one where you travel to far off places, documenting all of the successful, sustainable projects that different community groups are not only trying but also excelling in? One where you meet people around the world, see 'the big 5,' taste exotic food, and stay in eco-resorts that most people will never see. If this sounds good, then you may be interested in working with the Green Living Project. This amazing group travels the world, and is currently documenting successful sustainability projects across Africa and North America.

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During spring 2008, the crew toured East Africa, visiting 16 projects in Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. A few of their key stops include the Manyara Ranch, the Mihingo Lodge, the Gorilla Organization, and the Rwanda Specialty Coffee.

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A few of the spring projects visited include, "renewable energy, urban sustainability, responsible tourism, green building, organic farming, community development, wildlife conservation and waste management," that are all taking place at "leading non-profits, conservation organizations, travel companies, eco-lodges, local tourism boards and private companies." Sounds like they just hit all of the feel-good eco words currently being thrown around. More specifically the projects include reusing materials, coffee bean fair-trade coops, bike sharing and loan programs to aid farmers, and a woman who heads up a rhino sanctuary providing employment to the local community and slowing deforestation.

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Besides taking fabulous trips to amazing places, the Green Living Project ultimately hopes to inspire others by documenting and demonstrating successful, sustainable projects. The documentaries are beautifully taken, including interviews with the local population, participation in local cultural events and, of course, amazing animal shots.

The project website is full of videos from projects, blog posts as well as ways you can get involved and help. The Green Living Project encourages supporters to come along on the trips as volunteers. This fall the group will be traveling to South Africa, Mozambique and Namibia, as well as 2 trips in spring 2009 to both South America and back to Africa. The projects themselves are truly inspiring because you learn with each one that the eco-project often had additional benefits for the environment and community that were not foreseen during the planning.

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Interested in finding out more? The Green Living Project is currently holding a Lecture Series in partnership with National Geographic Adventures and REI in cities across the country. Each presentation includes free raffle drawings for cool camping gear and eco products. Check out their website to find their presentation schedule. Each lecture is really fascinating and well worth it.

Each trip works with carbon offset sponsor Keen. Their non—profit partners include the African Wildlife Foundation and the Gorilla Organization, both of whom they visited during their travels last spring, as well as Sustainable Travel International.

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