Green Levy for Scottish Tourists?


Here's a curious idea. A possible £5 ($9.30 or €7.30) charge per visitor to Scotland as an offset for "carbon emissions generated in travelling here and [to] support green projects, such as growing trees." The notion is being explored by VisitScotland and World Wildlife Fund Scotland and a feasibility study is apparently underway as how such a scheme might be implemented. Early suggestions are that the levy might possibly be captured via internet travel bookings. Allan Rankin, chief executive of the Scottish Tourism Forum, said the industry needed to consider ways to appeal to environmentally-conscious tourists. But later cautioned that a mandatory fee could damage the industry. The British Hospitality Association Scotland were even less enthused, "It is intrusive to the tourism trade and the one thing the tourism trade cannot take any more of is regulations or any more tax." (Should we point out that the planet cannot take any more taxing either?) Funny how business so often embraces the 'user pays' concept, right up until it edges close to their own bottom line. Via ::The Scotsman.