Green Hotels Association


"Avoid room service." That surprised me. I wasn't expecting such honest advice from an industry supported hospitality group. But they do say they are "committed to encouraging, promoting, and supporting ecological consciousness" in the industry. They suggest that member hotels are using some of their merchandise to assist staff and customers to be green. But that members are also developing own initiatives. These include: making laundry bags from retired sheets, chef aprons from old tablecloths, installing tiles made from recycled car windsceens. Loaning/renting bicycles, offering seminars small pourers for sugar instead of individual sachets. One hotel restaurant has its own organic veggie patch for its produce, while another provides ...... reusable 'chips' rather than disposable paper slips for car parking and coat checking. Oh and another has solar powered signage. Member hotels are listed with all their contact details. And while it is mostly North American dominated, there is a smattering from all round the globe: South America, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, etc. Worth supporting, as you travel about the planet. ::Green Hotels Assoc. [by WM]