Gorgeous Time Lapse Video of Oregon's Starry Night Sky

A little while back we posted some of the outstanding Milky Way photography of Ben Canales. We were blown away by how extraordinary the night sky really is, especially when we're away from the all-too-common occurrence of light pollution.

milky way photoBen Canales via Vimeo/Video screen capture

A couple months ago, Ben let us know he was headed off with the team from Uncage the Soul Productions to work on a time lapse of the Oregon night sky. He came back with a stellar video to share with everyone.

milky way photoBen Canales via Vimeo/Video screen capture

In an interview with EcoSalon, Ben notes, "We were inspired to make this film because of the personal experiences our team has individually had in Oregon. But, we would be honored to have the opportunity to capture and showcase the unique beauty of other regions through our cameras. Hopefully films like this will inspire and excite others to go beyond their normal routines and see some of the beautiful regions beyond their own backyards."

More of Ben's wonderful star photography can be found here on TreeHugger, as well as on Ben's website.

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