Galapagos Island Travel-Specific Carbon Offsets From CanopyCo

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While traveling in South America this spring with Green Living Project, I browsed through a local paper while I was waiting for another flight and came across an interesting carbon offset option, geared specifically for the eco-traveler. CanopyCo now offers travel specific carbon offsets with the Quito-Galapagos-Quito, Ecuador route. Better yet, the offsets go directly back to reforest Ecuador.Just $10USD will cover your travel from Quito out to the Galapagos Islands and back. You can also check out several other plans which cover travel from your home country into Ecuador or you can look at flights from your specific city into Ecuador. In addition, CanopyCo promises to plant an additional 25% more trees above their monthly sales in order to ensure that 100% of the offsets "survive." If you are a business and would like to offset your emissions, CarbonCo can work with you to setup a specific plan.

CanopyCo was developed by a group of people from Europe, the US and Ecuador who have been living in Ecuador and farming for the last five years. With time, they have seen an increase in the unpredictability in weathe making it more difficult to farm as a living. CanopyCo was then set up to help reforest the Andes and also to work with organic farmers in the area to plant trees and crops that will be more resilient to the changing weather. They are targeting specifically travel to and within Ecuador and then use the offset money to directly help the country. This makes it easy for tourists or even business travelers to check on more thing off their travel list by purchasing the carbon offsets that they need to help the country that they are visiting. :CanopyCo
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