Fogo Island Inn is more than a building, it is a vision of the future

Fogo Island
© Iwan Baan via Designboom

Fogo Island is in the middle of nowhere, an island off the north-east coast of Newfoundland. Zita Cobb is from Fogo; she went down the road to Silicon Valley, made her fortune and returned, establishing the Shorefast Foundation," a registered Canadian charity dedicated to promoting Fogo Island and Change Islands as geo-tourism destinations, by leading with the arts and building on the intrinsic cultural and ecological assets of the islands."

We previously showed the artist studios designed by Todd Saunders, TreeHugger's first Best of Green young Architect.. Now he has completed the Fogo Island Inn; Designboom presents beautiful photos of it.

Nigel Richardson has written a review in the Telegraph; he describes the venture as a way of keeping jobs on the island. He concludes:

Fogo floats like a piece of salt cod in the broth of the North Atlantic – preserved by its remoteness and, if not unchanging, then slower to change than just about anywhere I have been. What’s happening there is a vision of how to manage that change; how to go forward without losing our souls, to borrow one of Cobb’s phrases.

Lots more images at Designboom

Fogo Island Inn is more than a building, it is a vision of the future
Zita Cobb develops a new economic model for a dying outport in Newfoundland.

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